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What’s Gotten Into This Cat? And This Dwarf Orange Tree?

March 1, 2011

What, I ask you, is this cat staring at?

Oh, she sees that the dwarf orange tree is getting ready to flower!

Of course, since cats love to eat oranges.

(Ok, maybe it’s the sun spot that she’s into more than it is the orange tree.  I, however, am excited about the pending oranges.)

But seriously, an orange tree in Cambridge? This dwarf orange tree, purchased from Mahoney’s in 2006, has yield a grand total of five oranges in its life. They have been the best oranges I’ve ever eaten. I usually leave them on the tree for up to a year, waiting patiently for them to turn orange. Never happens. They stubbornly stay  green to yellow on the outside. But when I finally stop waiting and cut them open, they are invariably orange on the inside.

The tree lives indoors in the winter and on our balcony in the summer. It isn’t particularly fond of the balcony, since it’s windy and as a result quite drying. It much preferred being in front of our house in New Hampshire, where it went absolutely nuts. But apparently the living room in March is also a nice habitat for this orange tree. Or, more likely, it is grateful for the recent infusion of vermicompost I gave it. You can see that the rosemary to the right of the orange tree is also a big fan of vermicompost.

Your thoughts on what else could be exciting the orange tree and the cat are more than welcome.

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  1. Ken Schwaber permalink
    March 1, 2011 6:15 pm

    I think vermicompost is definitely the excitement. Perhaps you can sell me some for my tomato plants in the spring.

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